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3 Reasons Why Flexible Driving is Best for You

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Apr 3, 2018 10:30:00 AM
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3 Reasons Why Flexible Driving is Best for YouLife on the road is not for everyone. They need (or want) to be home more often. Instead of giving up a career as a professional truck driver. Look into a flexible driving or casual position.

Below are 3 reasons why flexible driving is best for you. 

1. Your life, your schedule
Want to be on the road for one week then off the next? How about two weeks OTR and two at home? Yup. We have that for you. The casual division let's you choose the schedule that best fits you.

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2. Get the home time you need
Whether you have young children, a farm to maintain or parents you are taking care of, the casual division has the opportunity for flexible driving and for you to get home when you need.


3. Find the love of driving
You got into trucking because you loved the open road but that love has faded over time. Find your passion again and get paid while doing it.

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