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4 Reasons Why Core Values Matter to You

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Mar 7, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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Company values are what support the vision, shape the culture and demonstrate what is important to the company. Those core values should mean a lot to you, the professional truck driver. Here are 4 reasons why core values should matter to you.

1. They differentiate one trucking company from another.

Let's get real. Trucking companies are everywhere and sometimes it is hard to tell a good company from a bad one. That one differentiating factor may be the beliefs.


TransLand Values Safety


2. Core values equate to company culture.

Company culture has become a recent hot topic. If a business wants to build on that culture, they will only hire individuals who fit into that mold. Before you apply for a new job, do some research into that company and see if it aligns to your personal convictions.


3. Office behavior reflects those beliefs.

Walking the walk and talking the talk aren't just common phrases - they should have some authority. If a company's culture does not reflect those beliefs, it might be a sign that company is not the right fit for you. 


4. Success relies on values.

If a company has weak integrity, it is not very likely that they will have great success. Strong core values and beliefs makes it that much easier for a company to build on success.


In the next series of blog posts, we'll break down TransLand's core values and what each value explicitly means.

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