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A Truck Driver's Worst Fear

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Jan 24, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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These three letters send shivers down the backs of even the most veteran of drivers, hairs rise on the back of necks and goosebumps appear out of nowhere. These three letters are a truck driver's worst fear: DOT.



Every single truck driver is bound to face his or her biggest fear, the DOT, sooner or later. Guess what? You do not need to have this fear, you just need to know the following five pieces of information.

Be Ready

  1. Safety scores of the company
  2. Your PSP
  3. What to expect during an inspection
  4. The different levels of DOT inspections
  5. How to log a DOT inspection

In the following series, we will dive deeper into the above five pieces of information every truck driver needs to know.

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