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A Truck Driver's Worst Fear: How to Log a DOT Inspection

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Feb 28, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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These three letters send shivers down the backs of even the most veteran of drivers, hairs rise on the back of necks and goosebumps appear out of nowhere. These three letters are a truck driver's worst fear: DOT. You don't have to have that fear as long as you know how to log a DOT inspection.

If you remember anything, remember this: Log yourself on duty, NOT driving. 

While you log yourself on duty (not driving), don't forget to add a note indicating that you were being inspected by the DOT. 

It is critical that your log shows the same time on duty and not driving that the DOT officer shows on his or her DOT inspection.



If you do not log a DOT inspection correctly you could get a fine and even be put out out of service.  

Be Ready

Other fractions that could put you out of service could be: possessing alcohol or drugs, driving on an expired license, not having your medical card or your truck and trailer being grossly overweight.

It is easy to be prepared for a DOT inspection if you:

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