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Fundamentals of Truck Driving

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Dec 27, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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In last week's post, we shared three things of what to expect with a truck driver trainer. Let's dive deeper into learning about the fundamentals of truck driving.

You probably spent a few weeks learning an entirely new trade in CDL school. Next, you graduated. Then, you went through orientation at your new trucking company. So much new information has been given to you in a short period of time. It is hard to retain it all. That is why you have a truck driver trainer. Learn the fundamentals of truck driving.


1. Backing

Backing is a huge challenge and many times the space given to master the skill during school is not realistic to what drivers face. Your truck driver trainer will teach you how to back up into tight spaces, back into enclosed areas, correct axel placement and more.

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2. Dropping and Hooking

Not all trucking companies are drop and hook, many are live unload. If you do work for a company that primarily drops and hooks, you will quickly learn to know your surroundings. Knowing your surroundings may be as simple as being aware of the location to drop a trailer. For instance, do not drop trailers on a flat dirt lot without a board or concrete block under the legs. If you were to drop the trailer improperly on a dirt lot, the trailer will easily sink.


3. Pre-tripping

Being told to conduct pre-trip inspection may seem like an easy task but do not be fooled. Pre-tripping is a quite involved process. The inspections has an important checklist. Before you get started, it is imperative to know your equipment (what could be out of place, what is missing, are there cracks?). Besides knowing what is typical and atypical, the two most important aspects of pre-tripping includes thoroughly checking your tires and your brakes. 


There are so many more fundamentals that your truck driver trainer will teach you on the road.

Do no hesitate to ask questions. He or she is there to help you discover what life is really like as a truck driver.

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