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The ELD Mandate is in Effect

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Dec 19, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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The ELD Mandate is in Effect While some truckers did not go quietly, the ELD Mandate is now in full effect and professional truck drivers must go paperless.

A recent Help Inc. survey shows that many fleets are still not ready for the mandate.

"Of those who have not installed an ELD, 68% do not plan to do so prior to the December 18 deadline. Twenty-six percent of these respondents gave as their reason the fact that they are not convinced the ELD mandate will actually take effect and 31% said they are not planning to install ELDs at all."

TransLand has used ELDs since 2009

“I believe there is a misconception among some fleets and owner-operators/drivers that ELDs are expensive and difficult to install, but that’s not the case,” said Rasmussen. “PrePass and a few other providers offer ELD solutions that literally take just a few seconds to install when paired up with a smartphone or tablet, and the apps cost no more than a dollar per day to use.”

Safety should be a top priority for trucking companies, not matter the cost. The ELD mandate ensures professional truck drivers are being safe.

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"Electronic logs and the ELD mandate ensure that all drivers' driving time is recorded accurately to help make the nation's roadways safer for all drivers."

-Carmen Deragowski
Safety Supervisor 


Are you ready for the ELD mandate? Is your current company using electronic logging devices? If you’re ready to join TransLand, an ELD-compliant company, apply today.

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