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There's a Cow in the Road: How to Avoid Accidents OTR

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Aug 8, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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Joseph Flemming.jpgIt was another day, another mile or so professional driver, Joseph Flemming thought. Read below as Joseph explains how to avoid accidents OTR.

"While driving on a two-lane road in Kansas, a hill approached in the distance. I had two options, put the pedal to the metal and go or do the safe thing and slow down."

It was Joseph's safety-mided actions that saved him, his dog, Otis and a stray cow that day. And that cow had no intention on moving.

cow on the road.jpg

"Cars were stopped going the opposite direction of me. That cow was not moving. Even after I blew the airhorn."

TransLand Values Safety

Below are some tips Joseph, a three-year veteran professional truck driver, shares in order to be safe:

    • Know your surroundings
    • Approach hills or other blind spot cautiously
    • There is always a chance to hit something. Don't loose sight of that
    • Expect the unexpected and be prepared

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"During harvest seasons throughout the country, slow moving farm vehicles will be on the road, especially in more rural areas. Farmers work long hours and may be on the road during low-light times of the day. It is legal for farm equipment to be on public roads. This is often the only way a farmer can move from field to field. Just like a CMV driver, following too close behind large equipment does not allow the farmer to see you.
Be cautious when passing.
It is illegal to pass farm equipment in a no passing zone."

 Lora Littles
Director, Safety


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