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TransLand Proudly Congratulates Molly Shultz, ATA Road Team Captain 2024-2025

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Jan 22, 2024 10:46:00 AM
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TransLand America's Road Team Captain 2024 - 2025
Photo courtesy of the American Trucking Associations

TransLand is thrilled to announce that Professional Driver, Molly Shultz, has been selected as the American Trucking Associations Road Team Captain for 2024-2025. Join us in celebrating Molly's remarkable achievement and the positive impact she is set to make as a representative of the trucking industry.

Molly has been an integral part of TransLand for eight years, embodying our commitment to excellence and safety. Since 2018, she has proudly driven TransLand's Care to Learn community truck, a vehicle with a special mission that goes beyond the road.

Molly Driving a Purpose

Driving A Purpose
Every mile Molly drives in the Care to Learn community truck contributes to a noble cause. TransLand donates $0.05 for every mile covered, resulting in a cumulative donation of more than $40,000 to Care to Learn. This initiative supports the organization's mission to address emergent health, hunger, and hygiene needs of children, fostering an environment where they can succeed in school.

America’s Road Team – Industry Ambassadors
The American Trucking Associations press release states, “This elite group of professionals rose to the top of their field through years of hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to safety that is measured in millions of miles.” ATA President and CEO Chris Spear emphasizes the significance of these captains as ambassadors for the industry, spreading the message of safe driving and sharing insights about the trucking profession.

Founded in 1986, America's Road Team is an exclusive group of professional truck drivers with outstanding safety records, serving as ambassadors for the trucking industry. Molly Shultz, along with her fellow captains, will travel the country, attending industry events, speaking at schools, and meeting policymakers to advocate for the trucking industry and its opportunities."

As a company founded in 1982, TransLand is Driving A Purpose with a passion for our people and communities. We take pride in Molly's achievement as an ATA Road Team Captain and remain committed to fostering a positive impact on the trucking industry. TransLand has been honored as a Best Fleet to Drive For in 2022 and 2023, and we are excited to be a finalist in 2024.

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