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Tricks of the Truck Driving Trade

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Jan 3, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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quallcomm.jpgIn a previous blog post, we shared three things to expect with a truck driver trainer. Let's dive deeper into three tricks of the truck driving trade.

1. Sliding Tandems

One way to change weight distribution is by sliding tandems toward or back of the vehicle. By sliding the tandems it will change the weight distribution between the tractor's drive axles and the trailer tandems. There are two ways to slide tandems; with or without help.

If you have help, you will need that individual back by the trailer axle. Each tandems has four pins that lock into holes. The distance in holes will tell you the amount of weight per hole.

A short distance = less weight. A further distance = more weight.

If you are by yourself, mark the holes in which you anticipate you will slide. You will need to account for weight movement in a teter toter effect. Pushing the trailer back will add more weight to trailer. If you pull foward, more weight will go on the trailer.

  • Weigh the tractor and trailer
  • Know where to move weight
  • Mark the holes
  • Release the pins
  • Slide until even
  • Reengage the pins
  • Conduct a tug test
  • Reweigh

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2. Trip planning

Know where you are going. After knowing where you are going, check the weather at that destination. If you are traveling to a city, know the timeline of when you will be there. If you are going to a larger city, try to avoid high traffic times which will have a higher traffic volume.


3. Bill of Ladings

Read the bill of ladings. After reading, know what that information means.

Example: Some companies do not tell what product is on the bill of lading but instead put number there. Know what you are hauling. The trailer may be locked and sealed when you get to the shipper.

Not all shippers and receivers pay attention to details. Make sure you pay attention. You will take accountability once you leave with product in tow.


There are so many more tricks your truck driver trainer will teach you while you are learning. Learn any and every trick he or she may have. He or she is your best resource

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