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Why Family Owned Trucking Companies Are For You

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Jun 19, 2018 10:30:00 AM
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Why Family Owned Trucking Companies Are For You

There is no shortage in companies hiring professional truck drivers and if you are a safe, reliable and on-time person, you can have your pick in long haul trucking, short haul trucking or even casual trucking. However, we have three reasons why family owned trucking companies are for you.


1. You Can Be Yourself
We have all heard it before, "You're a name but not just your truck number." While cliche, it's a true statement. Family owned trucking companies tend to be smaller. When the company is smaller, you get to be on a first name basis instead of truck number 107,904.

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2. You Will Reap the Rewards

Family Owned Trucking Companies Are For You

3. You Will Have a Voice
Sure, larger companies may have regular meetings with professional truck drivers but how likely is that one voice and its question or concern likely to be heard versus small, open forum discussions


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