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Why You Should Be a Truck Driver

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Nov 1, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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There is no denying that the 1970's glorified life as a truck driver. Movies like Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy and Breaker! Breaker! made little boys and girls everywhere imagine becoming a truck driver. But at what point does someone go from imagining the life to actually living it?

Become a Truck Driver

Many times, the profession runs in the family. It is not uncommon for professional drivers to be second, third or even fourth generation drivers. Driving trucks professionally is often passed down through the years.

A Changing Economy
Professions in high-demand change over the years, especially as we become more reliant on technology. Yet, professional truck drivers will always be in demand. Sorry, OTTO. We don't see you replacing people anytime soon. We do predict more highly-skilled professional drivers will be needed.

It is a Passion
When you ask an individual why he or she drives trucks professionally, it is not uncommon to hear the enthusiasm in his or her reasoning. Trucking is a lifestyle and you must have a passion for that life.


Once you get the itch to become a truck driver, it is hard to be content doing anything else. Driving a semi truck is a job like no other. Whether you get into the profession because it runs in the family or because it is a steady job, it will become your passion. Get ready for the ride. Life will never be the same after.

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