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My Trucking Career: 1989 to now

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Aug 15, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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Trucking is in the blood of many. Some individuals grow up around the industry and there are clear signs it is the profession for them. Here is a story of Recruiting Manager, Connie.

My Trucking Career: 1989 to now

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In the 1980's Connie married into the trucking industry.

"My husband at the time grew up in trucking. His father was a professional truck driver. It was the life he knew. However, I hated it. Trucking scared me. I was extremely intimidated by the industry and saw how hard it really is."

Those feelings did not last long.

"I was bound and determined once I got into trucking, that it would not beat me. I saw everything as a challenge. My focus was to learn all there is about trucking. This included truck maintanience, Hours of Service rules and maneuvering those large trucks all across the nation.

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Up until 2006, I was on the road. Living the life and understanding the daily challenges professional truck drivers face. Changes in my family dynamic brought me off the road but the love of trucking kept me in the industry.Connie Preisinger 2017.jpg

Since the mid-2000's, I have done a little of everything, including:

  • Safety Director
  • Training Coordinator to help create training programs for companies
  • And of course, recruiting 

When I came into the industry, I didn't appreciate what it had to offer. I can now see what the industry has to offer and how blessed I am to have the opportunity to work in trucking." 


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If you have questions about life as a professional truck driver or life at TransLand, I'd love to answer them. Let's talk.

Connie Preisinger
Recruiting Manager


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