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The Complete Guide to the ELD Mandate

Posted by Rebecca Anderson on Dec 5, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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The Complete Guide to the ELD Mandate.jpgYesterday, many professional truck drivers took to the streets to protest the impending ELD mandate, effective Monday, December 18, 2017. While they all boasted #ELDorMe, no laws were changed.

December 18 is still coming and truck drivers need to be prepared. Before the mandate becomes law, read the complete guide to the ELD mandate.

TransLand has used ELDs since 2009

The History
The best way to learn, is to understand the why. 

Get Answers
Bets are that other people have the exact same questions you do.

Be Prepared
Know what is happening and how it will effect you.


Get Ahead of the Game
"It's reliable, it helps us be safe and it helps us with efficiencies as well,” Mark Walker said. “We just felt like it was really kind of important to build that into our business model as early in the process as we could."


 Are you ready for the ELD mandate? Is your current company using electronic logging devices? If you’re ready to join TransLand, an ELD-compliant company, apply today.

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